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Mobility initiatives for youth workers are transnational activities that support the professional development of people who work with young people within organizations, associations or entities. The initiatives, funded within the Erasmus Plus program, can be designed in the form of:

  • training course;
  • job shadowing;
  • feasibility visit;
  • evaluation meeting;
  • study visit;
  • partnership establishment activities;
  • seminars;
  • networking.

There is no age limit to participate. The participation of youth workers in this type of activity contributes to the growth of the skills of the organization to which it belongs and must have an impact on the operator’s daily work with young people.

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If you are a youth worker and/ or you are part of an organization and would like to understand how to carry out a mobility project for youth workers, you can ask for an appointment with the Spazio Europa “Corporate consultancy” desk, by writing to or by calling 049 8204722.

Translations by Khim Witty and Sofia Quiles Martinez, ESC volunteers at Progetto Giovani